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Simon Pevan's family

Arthur Bevan, 1893-1970

[Abe] Arthur Pevan (later, Bevan), 1893-1970, son of Simon and Leah Pevan, married Grace Violet Richardson in 1913 (separated), married Ethel, in 1945

Yetta Pevan Phillips Nash, 1914-2006, married ___ Phillips (deceased), married Bill Nash (deceased).

Clive Phillips, 1935-1997, married Josephine
Carole Phillips Ilsley, 1935- , married Kenneth Ilsley
Pamela Phillips, 1937-1937

Gail Phillips Langstaffe, 1964-, married Chris Langstaffe
Sarah Phillips, 1966-
Pherneley Phillips, 1967-
James Ilsley, 1958- , married Michele (divorced)
Elaine Ilsley, 1959-
Kevin Ilsley, 1961- , married Gail (deceased)
Stuart Ilsley, 1962-1967
Derek Ilsley, 1964- , married Theresa
Gillian Ilsley, 1965-
Barbara Ilsley, 1967-
Bryan Ilsley, 1970- , married Debbie
Susan Ilsley Few, 1972- , married Rowland Few
Debra lsley, 1978- , with David Taylor

Philip Ilsley, 1985-
Lorraine Ilsley, 1987-
Daniel Ilsley, 1989-
Emma Ilsley, 1994-
Kayley Ilsley, 1986-
Jason Ilsley, 1988-
Charmaine Ilsley, 1990-
Megan Ilsley, 1999-
Cally Ilsley, 1990-
Kieron Ilsley, 1994-
Adam Ilsley, 1994-
Chloe Ilsley, 1998-
Jacob Few, 2003-
Thea Taylor, 1998-
Caitlin Taylor, 2000-
Anya Taylor, 2003-

arthur in army unifom  Grace Violet Robinson 1913

Left: Arthur in what looks like WWI British Army uniform. Written on the back is "love, Aby", so I'm guessing that his real name was Abe and he changed it later. [note: a copy of the 1901 census, supplied by Barbara Ilsley, confirms that his name was originally Abram, and that he was actually born in 1893.] Right: Grace Violet Robinson, Arthur's first wife, c. 1914. Simon disapproved of the marriage, and by the time their daughter Yetta was born, they were living apart.

arthur and murray

Arthur (dressed like Al Capone!) with Murray, 1944

with bee and valerie, 1947

With Bee and Valerie, 1947

arthur and ethel bevan

Arthur and Ethel Bevan

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