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Simon Pevan's family

Barney Bevan, 1891-1952

Barnet (Barney) Pevan (later, Bevan), 1891-1952, son of Simon and Leah Pevan, married Fanny, 1892-1954, in 1914

Louis Bevan, 1915-, married Bella, 1918-2006, in 1939
Bertram (Bill) Bevan, 1920-, married Anne, 1924-, in 1944

David Bevan, 1942-
Elizabeth Bevan Livan , 1946-, married Raphael Livan, 1942-, in 1970
Robert Simon Bevan, 1951-
Myra Bevan Danyluk, 1946-, married Ken Danyluk, 1939-, in 1966
Judith Bevan Braun, 1948-, married Walter Braun, 1944-, in 1968
Wayne Allen Bevan, 1949-, married Constance in 1979

Daniel Livan, 1973-, married Nechuma Dina Yekutiel, in 1995
Michael Livan, 1975-
Robert Danyluk, 1969-
Bill Danyluk, 1973-

Michael Braun, 1973-

Blake Bevan, 1978-
Courtney Ivy Bevan, 1982-
Stacey Bevan, 1987

Yocheved Malka Livan, 1997-
Elazar Livan, 1999-
Esther Livan, 2001-

barney and family, 1940's

Back row: Barney, Fanny, daughter-in-law Anne, son Louie, son Billy. Front row: brother Arthur, sister-in-law Ethel, grandson David, daughter-in-law Bella (mid-1940's). If any of these are misidentified, please let me know--v

barney and fanny

Barney and Fanny (late l940's?).

barney and fanny, 1943

Barney and Fanny, 1943

Bevans and Crossleys 1944

Fanny and Barney with the Crossleys, Anne's parents, 1944

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