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Simon Pevan's family

Bill Bevan, 1920-

Bertram (Bill) Bevan, 1920-, son of Barney and Fanny Bevan, married Anne, 1924-, in 1944

Myra Bevan Danyluk, 1946-, married Ken Danyluk, 1939-, in 1966
Judith Bevan Braun, 1948-, married Walter Braun, 1944-, in 1968
Wayne Allen Bevan, 1949-, married Constance in 1979

Robert Danyluk, 1969-
Bill Danyluk, 1973-
Michael Braun, 1973-
Blake Bevan, 1978-
Courtney Ivy Bevan, 1982-
Stacey Bevan, 1987

Bill and family in 1979

Bill and family in 1979: left to right, top row, Bill, Wayne, Annie, Walter Braun, Judy Braun, Ken Danyluk, Myra Danyluk; middle row, Billy Danyluk, Ivy Crossley (Anne's mom), Mike Braun; bottom row, Rob Danyluk

Bill and Anne with the Danyluk boys

Bill and Anne with the Danyluk boys circa late 1980's

Ann and Bill, 1984

Anne and Bill in 1984

billy in 1986 with larry and annie

With Larry Brown and Annie in 1986 at Vancouver Island.

Ann and Bill's wedding, 1944

Ann and Bill's wedding, 1944

panties on parade

One of square dancing's more memorable moments, 1966

billy in 1986

Bill in 1986.

anne and bill, 1988

Still square dancing in 1988

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