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Simon Pevan's family

Colin Callender, 1952-

Colin Callender, 1952-, son of Martin and Lydia Callender, married Barbara (divorced); married Elizabeth Gaine, in l998

Ian B. Callender, 1993-
Caroline Callender, 2001-
Charlotte Eva Callender, 2003-

colin and elizabeth, 1998
Colin and Elizabeth Callender, 1998

colin and family, 2002

Colin, Elizabeth, Ian, and baby Caroline, 2002


Colin Callender

martin's kids 1961

Cousins, 1961: front, Barbara Callender, Neil Callender, Stephen Callender, Judy Pevan, Colin Callender, Claire Callender. Back: Larry Brown, Bee Brown. To the left: Wendy, Lydia's sister.

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