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Simon Pevan's family

Deborah (Debbie) Freedlander, 1900-1940

Deborah Pevan Freedlander, 1900-1940, daughter of Simon and Leah Pevan, married M. Freedlander in 1924

Victoria (Netta) Freedlander Benedict, 1925-1965, married Len Benedict
Mark Freedlander, 193-? married Mildred

[daughter] Benedict
other Freedlander children?

About Debbie Freedlander:
Bee Brown says:
"My sister Debbie did me a big favor once: when I got married secretly to Louis Langham, I was afraid to tell my dad, because I knew he'd disapprove. So Debbie offered to break the news to him for me. She told him: 'It's better that she's married than that she's not married and pregnant,' and that brought him round."

simon pevan
This is the only picture of Debbie Freedlander I have. If anyone has more pictures, and/or more information on the Freedlanders, please let me know.--vw

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