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Simon Pevan's family

Eva Callender, 1897-1983

Eva Pevan, 1897-1983, daughter of Simon and Leah Pevan, married Louis Callender, 1894-1974, in 1919.

Martin Callender, 1920-1993, married Lydia, 1924-, in 1948.
Victor Callender, 1924-2003, married Phyllis, 1927-, in 1948.

Colin Callender, 1952-, married Barbara (divorced); married Elizabeth Gaine, in l998.
Claire Callender, 1954-
Neil (later Neeman) Callender, 1954-, married Sharon in 1986 (divorced).
Stephen Callender, 1951-
Barbara Callender Baker, 1954-, married Simon Baker (separated).

Ian B. Callender, 1993-
Caroline , 2001-
Charlotte Eva Callender, 2003-
Rivka Callender, 1988-
Sara Callender, 1990-
Chava Callender, 1992-
Meira Callender, 1996-
Lisa Baker, 1979- , married Stuart Evers 2012.
Mathew Baker, 1982-

at clacton, 1930

Some of the family at Clacton, 1930: l. to r., Martin, Louis, Murray, Eva, Jean, Ray, Victor, Mark



Eva and Louis at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration

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