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I am always on the lookout for more new pictures of everyone. So if you would like your picture, or your parents', or your kids' or grandkids', to be on this site, then by all means send me a snap--either a digitized shot* via email, or a hardcopy for me to scan and return (email me for my snailmail address, please).

*If you send me a digitized picture, make sure it's in .jpg or .gif format. Thanks!

Progress note, 07/01/03:
An entire new branch of the family has been added! One of the descendants of Arthur Bevan's first marriage recently emailed me, and had the following to say:

Hello Valerie
My name is Barbara Ilsley; one of my many sisters and I have just started researching our family tree on our mother's side.
After a long time searching for our grandmother's family, I finally came across your web site, where we found an Arthur Bevan who we know to be our grandmother's father. Our records show that he did indeed change his name to Arthur from Abraham/Abram Pevan.
We have his first marriage certificate; this shows he married a Grace Violet Richardson at the age of 21 on 22nd November 1913. They lived at 64 Thornbury Road, Clapham. Then we have a birth certificate for his daughter (my grandmother), named Yetta Pevan, born 6th August 1914 (still alive and well, living in a residential care home in Brighton). Grace and he separated shortly after their daughter's birth and we have no knowledge of what happened to him after this.
It was a great delight to see the photo of him as none of us knew what he looked like and the family resemblance is uncanny. We would be very interested to know about his life after 1914 and any details about his parents and their lives in Russia.
Our grandmother (Yetta), married and had two children, girl and boy twins, Carole (my mother) and Clive [plus another daughter, Pamela, who died in infancy--vw]. Our mother had ten children, so we are a large family! It would be nice to hear from you.

This information, plus the picture of Yetta at age 13 (the spitting image of Arthur when young) that Barbara later sent me, convinced both Murray and me that these are genuine Pevans. And there are sixteen of Arthur's great-great grandchildren as well. You can imagine the time I've had trying to squeeze all these people into the genealogical charts. So I'm in the process of revamping all the Pevan family pages to fit the new information. If you look to the left of this page you'll see the new complete family tree, with the main branches labeled. On the pages for each branch (e.g., Barney's, Arthurs, Eva's, etc.) there will be a branch chart which will be completely labeled and which will link to each person on that branch. And, of course, there will be new pages for all the new additions. Hopefully, pictures of everyone will be forthcoming; Barbara Ilsley just bought a digital camera, and I think she'll get a lot of use out of it in the weeks to come. ;)

The image mapping on the genealogical chart is now obsolete, so I have removed it, but eventually I will do it over on all the charts. In the meantime, link to pages by clicking on the person's name on the family tree page. I've removed all the pages for people for whom I have no pictures or story, so if you don't see yourself or your kids linked, send pictures!!!

You can email me at if a member of your family branch needs a password.

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