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Simon Pevan's family

Jean Pevan Exel, 1928-1992

Jean Victoria Pevan, 1928-1992, daughter of Mark and Ray Pevan, married John (Jack) Exel, 1925-2002, in 1955.

Stephen John Exel, 1956-
Phillip Michael Exel, 1961-, married Linda, 1964-, in 1991.

Daniel John (DJ) Exel, 1999-
Jeanmarie Rose (Jem) Exel, 2002-

jean and jack and sons

The Exels: Phil, Jean, Jack, Stephen in front

with diana, 1980's

With cousin Diana Walker, c. 1989

at phil's wedding, 1990

At Phil and Linda's wedding, 1991. L. to r., front row: Valerie, Diana, Stephen, Alice (Larry's sister), Bee, Tracy (Jason's friend), Jason Walker. Back row: Jack, Jean (in blue dress), Larry, Murray, Mark Walker

jean in 1990

Jean in 1990

baby jean

Jean at two years old (c. 1930)

formal shot of jean

Formal study of Jean at age 18 (?)

jean in the forties

Jean with friends, late l940's

jean in the fifties

Intrepid traveler in the 1950's

jean with baby stephen

With Stephen in 1956

with jack, 1980s

With Jack, late 1980s

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