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Simon Pevan's family

Louis Bevan, 1915-2009

Louis Bevan, 1915-2009, son of Barney and Fanny Bevan, married Bella, 1918-2006, in 1939.

David Bevan, 1942-
Elizabeth Bevan Livan , 1946-, married Raphael Livan, 1942-, in 1970.
Robert Simon Bevan, 1951-

Daniel Livan, 1973-, married Nechuma Dina Yekutiel, in 1995.
Michael Livan, 1975-

Yocheved Malka Livan, 1997-
Elazar Livan, 1999-
Esther Livan, 2001-

Louis and Bill

Bill, Anne, Bella and Louis at Bella and Louis' 50th wedding anniversary, 1989

louie in 1986 with bee and annie

With wife Bella and aunt Bee Brown at Vancouver Island, 1986

Louis, Wayne, Blake, 1996

Louis with nephew Wayne and grandnephew Blake, 1996

louie in 1986

Louis in 1986.

Bella and Louis

Bella and Louis

Louis and Bill 1986

Louis and brother Bill, 1986

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