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About Mark Freedlander

Elizabeth Bevan Livan says:
I asked my father, Louis, about Mark Freedlander. He said that during WWII, Mark was evacuated because of the bombing in London and came to live with them on their farm in Abottsford, British Columbia. After the war, Mark became a cook and joined the Merchant Marines and travelled all over the world, coming back to visit them from time to time. Eventually Mark returned to England. My parents visited England in 1972, and they visited Mark, as well as other relatives.

Mark Freedlander, 193[?]-

Mark Freedlander, 193[?]- , son of Deborah and M. Freedlander, married Mildred


mark f. and mildred, 1960

Mark Freedlander and his wife Mildred, c. 1960. Anyone have a picture of his sister Netta Freedlander Benedict?

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