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Simon Pevan's family

Mark Walker, 1961-

Mark Walker, 1961-, son of Valerie Langham Walker and Jerry Dale Walker, married Dorian Hoff (deceased); married Michelle Lazar.

Evan Ray Walker, 1999-
Mackenzie Rose Walker, 2001-


With big sis Diana and a friend in 1964.

the 80s

With siblings and friends, mid-1980's. Back row, l-r.: Creagh (Diana's friend), Diana, Jason, Dorian (Mark's first wife). Front: Mark.

with stuart

Mark with cousin Stuart Ribeck

happy together, 2001

Mark and Michelle with Mackenzie Rose and Evan Ray, early 2002. "Now ready, really ready, he looked around and finally zeroed in on a real fly chick, made the legal move with her, rang the chapel bells of joy, and out, come swung out of this beauty spin, came two little Mars-heads, a boy and a girl, you see."

samm 2010
Mark and Mini-Mark (Evan)

mark and valerie, monterey 03

With Valerie at the Monterey Acquarium, 2003, on the way back from playing at the Monterey Jazz Festival.

A musical family reunion: Mark played a gig in London with Oregon in November 2006, and several cousins came to the show. ( L. to R.: Susan Lewis, Lisa's boyfriend Alan, Lisa Baker, Matthew Baker, Samantha Lewis, Mark, Benjamin Askew, Barbara Baker and Shelly Askew.) How about them noses?

mark in 1961

Such a sweetie! (1962)


Welcome to Calistoga, 1983

Mark at work

Publicity shot

Oregon in London (L to R: Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Glen Moore, Mark Walker, Murray Pevan)

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