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Simon Pevan's family

Neeman Callender, 1954-

Neil (later Neeman) Callender, 1954-, son of Martin and Lydia Callender, married Sharon in 1986 (divorced)

Rivka Callender, 1988-
Sara Callender, 1990-
Chava Callender, 1992-
Meira Callender, 1996-

martin and family 88

Neeman, Colin, Claire, and their father Martin in 1988, in Israel

Neeman with his daughters

Neeman and his daughters in Israel, 1998 (?)

bee with baby neil, 1954

Baby Neil with Bee, 1954

martin's kids 1961

Cousins, 1961: front, Barbara Callender, Neil Callender, Stephen Callender, Judy Pevan, Colin Callender, Claire Callender. Back: Larry Brown, Bee Brown. To the left: Wendy, Lydia's sister.

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