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Simon Pevan's family

Phil Exel, 1961-

Phillip Michael Exel, 1961-, son of Jean (1928-1992) and Jack Exel (1925-2002), married Linda, 1964-2002, in 1991.

Daniel John (DJ) Exel, 1999-
Jeanmarie Rose Exel, 2002-

at mark walker's wedding

At Mark Walker's wedding to Michelle in 1994. L.-r.: big brother Stephen, uncle Larry, Alice (Larry's sister), cousin Mark, wife Linda, aunt Bee, Phil, dad Jack.

labor day 2000, ft worth

Labor Day 2000, in Fort Worth. L.-r.: Linda, Bee, Larry, Phil, DJ.

with stephen and murray

Phil, Murray, and Stephen in Washington, DC

like father like son

Like father, like son: DJ's first haircut, 2000

stephen's favorite pic of phil

Stephen's favorite picture of Phil

with big brother stephen in 1961

Baby Phil gives big brother Stephen a hard time (1961)


Phil with grandpa Mark Pevan in the early 1960's

at stephen's bar mitzvah 1969

At Stephen's bar mitzvah, 1969

in texas with the twins

The Wild Bunch: Susan Pevan, Phil, Stephen, and Judy Pevan in Texas, 1972

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