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Simon Pevan's family

Renee Ribeck, 1904-1995

Renee Pevan Ribeck, 1904-1955, daughter of Simon and Leah Pevan, married Henry Ribeck, 1903-1975, in 1930

Stuart Ribeck, 1935-, married Susan (divorced); married Pilar in 2001

Shelley Ribeck Askew, 1963-, married David Askew, 1950-, in 1990
Gary Ribeck,1964-, married Julie, 1965- in 1995
Samantha Ribeck, 1968-
Victoria Ribeck, 1974-, with James Melvyn, 1964

Benjamin Askew,1995-
Samuel Askew, 1998-
Jack Ribeck, 1990-
Thomas Melvyn, 1997-

sur le plage

Valerie, Henry, Bee, and Renee in the south of France, 1954

happy couple

Renee and Henry, 1952


Renee the fashion plate, c. 1930's

in 1960s

Renee and Henry c. 1961

happy couple in texas

In Texas, 1969

renee in 1987

"Lovely, darling!"

renee at 89

Renee, aged 89, at the one-woman show of her paintings

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