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About Samantha

One evening when she was about 8 or 9, Samantha stayed over at her uncle and aunt's place after going to a friend's party. Samantha had eaten a little too much pizza at this party, and by the time she got over to her uncle and aunt's place, felt very sick and wanted to go to her grandmother Isabelle. She said to Isabelle that she didn't feel that her uncle and aunt (who hadn't been married long) were experienced enough to look after a sick child, and anyway didn't want them experimenting on her.
--Alan Lewis, Samantha's dad

Samantha Joyce Lewis, 1989-

Samantha Joyce Lewis, 1989- , daughter of Susan Pevan Lewis and Alan Lewis

age 7

Samantha at age 7

with stephen and phil

With Stephen and Phil Exel in Washington, DC

at stonehenge

At Stonehenge with mom

with parents at her bat mitzvah

Samantha with her parents at her bat mitzvah, 2002

samantha the pilot

Sam the pilot

with cousin  stephen exel

Samantha aged 3 with cousin Stephen Exel

...Sam the bridesmaid with mom Susan and Susan's half-brother Antony at Antony's wedding, 1997...

...and at her bat mitzvah, 2002

Glamour shot, 2005 or 2006

And another glamour shot, 2008--she cleans up nice, doesn't she?

Hitting the art scene with cousin Stephen Exel in New York, 2008

samm 2010 sportin' pink lipstick, 2010

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