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Simon Pevan's family

Stephen Exel, 1956-

Stephen John Exel, 1956- , son of Jean (1928-1992) and Jack Exel (1925-2002). No wives, no children, two cats.

at cambridge, 1980

Cambridge, 1980

athens 1993

Athens, 1993

1993london 1984

The compleat fashion-plate in 1993 and 1984

with murray, 1998

Stephen says: "This photo is circa 1998. Murray passed through O'Hare [airport] from Washington to Fort Worth--I was on my way to Washington, so we had about 2 hours together. When he boarded his plane, Murray told me I was like the son he never had. We cried a little bit. I'll never forget it."

with diana, 2000

With Diana in 2000...they age well, don't they?

the editor

The editor, 2002

with prism

Post-surgery, 2006, with Prism the cat

stephen in 1959

Little Stevie at three, and already a crowd-pleaser (1959)

with grandma ray

With grandma Ray

with susan and judy, 1970

Triplets from hell: Stephen with twin cousins Judy and Susan Pevan in Italy, 1970

disco days 1975

Disco days, 1975

glamor shot 1976

All that and a bag of chips, 1976

with diana at marks 1st wedding

With cousin Diana Walker, 1984...the days of Big Hair and collarless jackets

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