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Simon Pevan's family

Valerie Walker, 1938-

Valerie Langham Walker, 1938-, daughter of Bee Brown and Louis Langham; married Jerry Dale Walker (divorced); married Ronald M. Miller, 1947-.

Diana Lisa Walker, 1960-
Mark Walker, 1961-, married Dorian Hoff (deceased); married Michelle Lazar
Jason Walker, 1966-, married Janette Levene (divorced), in domestic partnership with Gwen Zabicki

Evan Ray Walker, 1999-
Mackenzie Rose Walker, 2001-

v's first beauty contest, 1946with diana, 1960

L: Kiddie beauty contest (second from right), 1946; R: With Diana, 1960

street artist days, c. 1976the scarlet letter

L: Street artist days, c. 1974-78; R: The Scarlet Letter

nibble on your little ear, 2004

Ron Miller and Valerie Walker, 2004

American Gothic, 2006 vee bald
fighting lymphoma, 2012 (check out and join my "Lymphoma Can Kiss My Ass" web page)

me at 4 months

Valerie at 4 months...
with stuart, 1954

...and at 16 (with Stuart)

valerie summer days

At Farwell Beach, high school days, age 17 (?)

witchy regalia, 1982

In full witchy regalia, 1982

graduation, 1991

It's true (1991)

with first grandchild, 2000

Doting gramma with Evan, 2000

Still part of the Religious Left, 2010

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