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Simon Pevan's family

Victor Callender, 1924-2002

Victor Callender, son of Eva and Louis Callender, married Phyllis, 1927-2011, in 1948.

Stephen Callender, 1951-

Barbara Callender Baker, 1954-, married Simon Baker(separated).

Lisa Baker, 1979- , married Stuart Evers, 2012.
Mathew Baker, 1982-

phyllis and stephen, 1954   

L:Phyllis and Stephen; r: Stephen with Barbara, 1954

Vic and family, 1964

vic's obits

Obituary notices.

victor and phyllis' wedding 1948

Victor and Phyllis' wedding, 1948

vic and phyl 1997

...and fifty years later


How Vic will be remembered

Victor Callender passed away on December 30, 2002. As Murray says, "The Cousins' Club has just lost its shining star." He will definitely be missed.

On August 14, 2003, which would have been Dad's birthday, we will gather under a beautiful cherry tree in a local cemetery, where Dad's ashes are to be interred. Murray and Stuart will be with us, and the inscription on the stone will read "All other things, to their destruction draw. Only our love hath no decay". It's from a poem by John Donne, which Dad sent to Mum when they were first courting.

love and light to you all,

Barbara Callender Baker

Barbara, Stephen Exel, Phyllis, judy Pevan
Barbara Baker, Stephen Exel, Phyllis Callender, and Judy Pevan, in Phyllis' later years.

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