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Simon Pevan, 1867-1946

By Murray Pevan

My name is Murray Pevan. Simon Pevan was my grandfather. And if you are reading this, then he was probably your father or your grandfather, or great-grandfather, or great-great-grandfather, or great-great-great-grandfather too. Or you married one.

He was born in Russia in 1867, was married in 1890, and came to England with three children: Barney, Arthur, and Eva, about 1897. My father, Mark, was the first of his children to be born in England in 1899, followed by Debbie, Renee, and Bee, the baby--the last. So this is his one-person Descendant Tree, which traces over one hundred years of the Pevans/Bevans.

In modern parlance Simon was one helluva guy. Apparently on his arrival in England at the docks when he stepped ashore, totally unfamiliar with England, he was hailed, "Where are you from? What is your trade? Follow me!" In no time he was seated at a sewing machine and was working away. Later, much later that day, he found a place to sleep. That's how he, and probably millions more, started.

Two of his children emigrated to the New World with their families. But in England there was lots of family, uncles, aunts, and cousins. Zaida was warm-hearted and loving to us all. He was a wonderful man. His last years were during the War when he lived with his daughter Renee and family. He died there in 1946 just two days after I returned. I like to think he waited for me.

Today his family stretches from England to Canada, the USA, Central America, Israel, Sweden, New Zealand and Germany, to the best of my knowledge. It has also reached 6 generations with several new arrivals in the USA.

I'm sure that too many of you would not know each other if you passed in the street. It seems a shame that the links you have will probably not last long into the next generations. So this Website is set up so that we can maintain contact with each other. Also if anyone can contribute any additional material, corrections or comments, please don't hesitate to email.

None of the accompanying would have been possible without the aid, and memories, of everyone who provided the material. Without their help, even the simple family tree would have been impossible. Many thanks. It was beyond my personal ability to research it all, especially the Canadian data.

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Simon Pevan

Simon with daughter-in-law Ray Pevan

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