A Book of Dreams with Pictures and Words
by Valerie Walker


This is not a standard Tarot deck, even though the first 22 cards are named after the Major Arcana of the Tarot. All 56 cards in this deck are major arcana; the images are meant to be ambiguous and the interpretations merely descriptive of one point of view. You are free to make up your own meanings for each card, which may shift from time to time depending on the surrounding cards in your layout. Another difference from the traditional Tarot deck is that there are no reversed-card meanings. Each card is what it is, which is what you say it is. Listen to the cards speak.

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The Fool    The Magickian    The High Priestess    The Empress    The Emperor    The Heirophant    The Lovers    The Chariot    Strength    The Hermit    The Wheel of Fortune    Justice    The Hanged Man    Death    Temperance    The Devil    The Tower    The Star    The Moon    The Sun    Judgement    The World
[The World is the last of the traditional Tarot trumps. From here on, the journey is through uncharted territory.]
The Wounded Warrior    Fnord    Sex    [The blank card]    Melek Taus    Sorrow    Pride    The Gate    The Flashlight    Silence    Kali    Power    Blessing    Passion    The Black Heart of Innocence    East/Air    South/Fire    West/Water    North/Earth    42/Self    As Above, So Below    Transmutation    The Crone    The Prime Directive    The Chaote/Coyote    Which Hand?    It's All Greek to Me    Erzulie-Freda    The Altar    Three Souls    Fear    Persephone/Lost    The Guides    The Great Round

the vee-deck, mark two

© 2006

Ten pages of eight cards each, including cards which are not part of the original vee-deck; some of the original cards have been retitled. this is a pdf to download, print, cut out, and mount on heavy card stock.
veedeck.pdf Click on the image above to download, Note: this pdf is 19.1 Mb in size.

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