About Compost Coven (by Valerie (Veedub) Walker, H. PS. Emerita, Compost Coven)

Witchcraft 101: the Compost teachings

Basic Ritual:
 • Casting the Circle (Valerie)
 • Invoking The Gods (Valerie)
 • Your Magickal Tools (Valerie)
 • Cakes & Wine and The Leave to Depart (Valerie)
 • Aspects of the Gods (Valerie)
 • The Vision Quest (Valerie)
 • The Final Exam -- the actual final exam given students who were training for initiation into Compost Coven: can you pass it? (Valerie) [a pdf to download}

 • Two Samhain Rituals (Compost Coven and others)
 • A Yule Ritual (Diana)
 • A Brigid Ritual (adapted from various sources)
 •  Imbolc (Cynthia Gregory)
 •  Eostre/Ostara: A ritual for children based on the myth of Demeter and Persephone, performed at Pantheacon 2009. (Cynthia)
 • Beltaine Cake (Cynthia)
 • Litha Ritual (Cynthia)
 • Lammas: a Feast of Bread (Cynthia and other Toads)
 • Mabon Ritual (Jim)
 • Samhain (Cynthia and other Toads)
 • A Handfasting Ritual (Valerie Walker and Ron Miller)
 • An Exorcism (traditional, adapted by Valerie)
 • Rite for the Dying (Valerie)

Magickal Workings:
 • I:Making a Mojo (Valerie)
 • II:Pathworking (Valerie)
 • III: Scrying and Divination (Valerie)
 • Grounding and Centering (Valerie)
 • Jo's Hex Spells PDFs of hex spells to download, print out, and color; traditional and original designs by Jo Steen, originally published in the Compost NewsLetter.

Miscellaneous Magickal Stuff:
 • GIFs of the Goddess (Valerie)
 • The Charge of the Goddess (Doreen Valiente, reworked by Starhawk)
 • Magickal Correspondences on Four (Traditional)
 • Magickal Herbal Correspondences on Seven (Traditional)
 • Correspondences on Seven, Five, Four, and Thirteen (various sources) given to me way back when by Tim (now Oberon) and Morning Glory Zell, and recently unearthed from the archives[a pdf to download]
 •  The Vee-Deck, a non-Tarot divination deck which consists of all major trumps, including the 22 from the standard Tarot, plus some on-beyond-Zebra cards such as ""The Wounded Warrior", "Fear", Sex', "It's All Greek To Me", and lots more. And, yes, you can buy it! (Valerie)
 • A Witch in the Family (Tanya Miller)
 • On Finding an Apprentice in the Craft (Valerie)
 • Reading List (Valerie)

The Faery (Feri) Tradition:

 • The Feri Tradition: articles by veedub (Valerie Walker), including the Feri FAQs
Interview with Andraste, by Leah Samul, reprinted from the Compost NewsLetter
 • Lilith's Lantern
The website of the Vicia line of Feri, closest to the later teachings of Victor Anderson.
 • Vicia
Details about the beliefs and practices of the Vicia line.


 • Bylaws of Compost Coven, Inc., a California religious corporation
 • Minutes of the Annual Meeting, 2001