An Exorcism

and some incense recipes

(to be done upon moving into a new home; best done on a waning moon but effective anytime)

Ingredients: Salt water in a bowl; bay, myrtle, or rosemary; a bell.

Procedure: Consecrate the salt and water in your usual manner, but do not cast a circle. Go around the house widdershins (counterclockwise); ring the bell at each window and door.

Sprinkle salt water with the bay (myrtle, rosemary) three times in each corner and opening, going around widdershins, saying:

"Black spirits and white
Red spirits and grey,
come ye and come ye,
Come ye that may,
around and around,
Throughout and about,
The good keep in
And the ill stay out."

If you can, repeat this on the outside of the house.

Draw a waning moon in salt water at each corner and opening, going widdershins. Say,

"Three times round,
By the moon be bound."

Hang garlic on the front door and set a saucer of vinegar in each corner of the room in which you will sleep. Leave the vinegar overnight, and throw it into a running stream (down the toilet is fine) in the morning. Leave the garlic on the front door to protect against evil influences.

When you are finished with the exorcism, you may cast a circle deosil (clockwise), invoking the Gods, and do an additional working for protection--perhaps a mojo to hang at the entrance.

Incense for Exorcisms

Roman Catholic Blend
10 parts (p) frankincense
4 p benzoin
1 p storax

High Altar
5T frankincense
1T myrrh
1T aloeswood (beware of fakes)
2T sandalwood
1T benzoin
pinch of powdered quartz (optional)

Horned God
3T frankincense
1T pine needles
4 Bay laurel leaves
1/2 T juniper berries
1 leaf ivy (dried and crumbled)

4T frankincense
1T powdered chamomile
1/4T powdered cinnamon
pinch saffron
2 crumbled bay leaves
1T sandalwood
1/2 tsp wine
1 tsp honey