Grounding and Centering

Valerie Walker

Assume a comfortable position, either standing or seated. Breathe deeply from the solar plexus, filling and emptying your lungs completely at least three times. Feel the energy in your body, and pull it in from your extremities into the center of your body.

Let all the tension, aches and pains, and other distractions both positive and negative coalesce into a ball of energy. Locate that ball of energy a little below your navel, at the point called in tai chi the "dan tien". Bring in as much of your energy into this ball as you can, and then send the ball down your spine, dividing at the base of the spine and sending the energy down each of your legs to the floor.

Feel the energy reaching out, sending tendrils, root, into the floor, down through the structure of the house. Feel the energy roots tunnel into the earth, go down past the layer of earth and into the rocks beneath. send the energy down through the rocks, deep into the center of the planet, deep into the place where the rocks are molten, where the fire of the Mother plays at the center.

Join your energy with that fire in the earth. Let it become one with the fire at the heart of the earth, let it become purified by that fire.

(Pause as long as you need to)

Now begin to take back your individual energy, burnt clean and purified by the Mother's fire. Bring the energy back up the roots you put down, pulling the roots after you as you let the energy rise up through the cooled rocks, up through the layers of rock, earth, floor, and back into your body again.

Pull the energy up into the base of your spine, and join it with any lingering distractions left in your body. Bring it up the spine, changing its color as you move up the chakras from deep red to orange to yellow to green to turquoise to indigo to purple at the crown. Then let the purple light beam out the top of your head, up through the air, through the ceiling, through the roof, up into the air, up into the thinning layers of the atmosphere

Beam the energy up and out away from this planet, out into space, out past the planets, out to the spaces between the stars. Let your energy play with the galaxies, the nebulae, the stars, the shining heavens.

(Pause as long as you need to)

Now bring your energy in from its play with the heaven shiner. Bring it in through space, into the solar system, into the orbit of the earth, into Earth's atmosphere. Let the energy return down through the air, through the roof, through the ceiling, down into the top of your head.

Feel the energy spread throughout your entire body. Let it fill you, and let it change color to a light blue, like a gas flame. Fill yourself with this blue fire, and feel how you are the link between that which is below and that which is above. Feel yourself at this particular place, at this particular instant of time. Rest in this knowledge: be here now.