Imbolc (Brigid)

by Cynthia Gregory

Priestess and Witch, Circle of Winged Toads and Compost Coven

Imbolc is the cross-quarter day marking the beginning of Celtic Spring. Imbolc means "Ewe's milk". It is the time when the cows and sheep lactate. The re-emergence of Bridget or Bride as her mother Calleach (pronounced Kali) drinks from the sacred well and is transformed into Brigid, goddess of flame. Bridget is the Celtic triple goddess of poetry, smithcraft and healing. In her honor we share poems and stories.

Colors: yellow-white-gold.

This is a time for initiation and beginnings.

Bring the usual food to share and a candle to bless for beginnings. Spend some time thinking about what you want to grow this season. Write your desire on a piece of white or yellow paper and wrap it around your candle. Fasten it with a bit of string. Bring this candle with you.

Also bring with you stories, poems, pictures, wings and other creative examples of smithcraft to share during the feasting.

A cauldron of water is in the center with a candle centered in it. Brighid Bread is prepared. And a chalice of milk stands ready.

Cast circle and invoke the elements emphasizing:
Air- birth of Bridget, poetry
Fire- smithy's forge
Water- well of healing
Earth-mother of regeneration

Statement of Purpose:
The Mother's breasts are full with milk, nourishing us as we grow with the light.
The spring is dawning, the work begins.
It is time to sow our seeds.
We light tonight the new fire, the flame of Bridget, the fire of Bride.
Come Bridget, be our guide.

Invoke the Goddess Bridget

Bridget of the forge-fire
Bridget of the healing well,
Bridget of the rhyming word,
Come, weave your spell.
Weave your spell of healing
Around our bodies
Weave your spell of healing
Around our souls.
With you we weave healing
Around our earth.

Light the center candle.

Invoke the God:
We call the Green Man, wild and free.
Rise up from Mother Earth,
Reborn the lover, father, son,
Cernunnos, fill us with your mirth.

Each person takes their candle and individually places it in the center speaking their desire.

Raise energy with a spiral dance ( Fire of Freedom Chant -- Starhawk)
"We can rise with the fire of freedom,
truth is a fire that burns our chains
and we can stop the fire of destruction,
healing is a fire running thru our veins."

The Priestess holds the cup. The Priest blesses it with athame saying:
"Sweet mother's milk feed our spirits gently as a new born babe."
Pass the cup.
The priest holds the plate with Bridget Cake. The Priestess takes the bread, breaks it saying:
"In fertile darkness life grows to birth,..."
Bless with bread.

Feast, share our creativity.

Devoke and open circle.

Blessed Be, Cynthia Gregory