Midsummer Ritual (Litha)


Prior to the ritual meditate on the transformation you need. Write it on paper and wrap around a stick. Bring this with you.

Gather and ground while building altars (all bring flowers, apples and summer fruits to decorate)

Cast circle:
Asperge with sea water and lavender[Name]..(your name here)
Cense with frankincense[Name]..
Draw with athame[Name]..

Statement of Purpose
We celebrate midsummer with ancient and mystic rites. On this longest day all nature is filled with pulsating energy and goddess and god passionately join. We bath in their warmth and light. Now is the time for releasing past cares and banes. Now is the time to purify in the transformative fire of the sun. We open the door of turning and returning, the door ruled by Dag the rune of opening. Admitting through the door that which we need to transform ourselves. On this longest day we open the door that separates us from our desire. We welcome joy.

Invoke the Goddess as Aphrodite
(To Aphrodite of the Flowers at Knossos, adapted from Sappho -612 BCE)
Come to the holy temple of the virgins
Where a pleasant grove of apple trees
Circles and altar smoking with frankincense
The roses leave shadow on the ground
And cool springs mummer through apple branches
Where shuddering leaves pour down profound sleep. In that meadow where horses have grown
Glossy, and all spring flowers grow wild,
The anise shoots fill the air with aroma.
And there our queen Aphrodite pours
Celestial nectar in our gold cups,
Which she fills gracefully with sudden joy.
(Chant until she's here.)

Invoke the God as Apollo
(Adapted from Rainer Maria Rilke, Adriatic Torso of Apollo)

Apollo whose eyes are like ripening fruit,
Whose chest is suffused with brilliance from inside.
You, who gleam with power and dazzle our eyes.
From your dark center where procreation flares
Burst forth like a flare.
Here there is no heart that does not feel you.
We must change our lives.
(Chant until he's here.)

Raise cone of power around center fire and at apex toss the sticks into the fire.
Cakes and wine. (BBQ)

Devoke and open circle.