Mabon 2002

ritual by Jim

The Circle of the Winged Toads went to Mount Diablo State Park for the Mabon weekend and did a really goooooooood full-moon ritual on Saturday night, with Jim playing the moon up with his flute while we all watched entranced. We followed this with a fantastic feast (we are preserving our reputation as the best-fed coven in Northern California) and a campfire (actually charcoal in a fire pit as the fire danger was high) where we toasted marshmallows and introduced the Chef to S'mores (he liked them.)

Next morning we did a sunrise tai-chi Mabon ritual, led by Beverly, then ate a huge breakfast cooked by the men (yay!) and then another short ritual down at the labyrinth which had been constructed the previous afternoon by Cynthia and Ron (highly influenced by Andy Goldsworthy of "Rivers and Tides" fame). We each walked the labyrinth while the others sang and played percussion, and shared apples, the seeds of which will be planted next Eostre. After breaking camp we went for a hike in Rock City, which is an amazing place with huge wind-carved sandstone rocks, tiny cavelets, and a generally extraterrestrial feel to it. This is the first overnighter the current incarnation of the Toads has had, and it was wonderful to be able to hang out with each other and not rush off somewhere else. --vw

Jim "GoatHawke" Poket


  • Athame
  • Chalice
  • 3-Wicked Candle
  • Compass
  • Drum
  • Flutes
  • Herb
  • Lighter
  • Moon Pies
  • Musical noisemakers*
  • Peace Pipe
  • Ritual
  • Sage Bundle
  • Toad's Hollow Merlot

*Everyone that wants to should bring something.

All items placed on single altar to the East of the Circle.

The candle is lit with the incantation
" These three flames projecting from one source of wax represent the astrological trinity of Mother Earth, Lady Luna, and Father Sun floating in unison through the Universe. We are here tonight to honour Luna and her Magick. Yea, though the Sun projects its power on a daily basis, it is the Moon that follows the cycle of life, a silver menstruus of the cosmos. We cleanse our selves with the smoke of sage, sending our deficiencies into the night sky to be metamorphosed into something we may use".

Jim purifies each Covener while Tracey drums.

The four directions are invoked with the flute. As Jim turns, each direction is silently purified and sanctified with the candle and smudge drawing a pentacle in the air. After the flute plays, ______________ says, " As the Moon above and the Earth below, what is between the Worlds concerns not the Worlds yet, will change the Worlds."

How the Moon was born, told by Maura

"Luna, we are here tonight to honour you and call upon you to join us in our Circle. Grace us with your presence, for it is you and you alone that we seek. Join as you have joined our ancestors before. As your light cascades down upon us, bring your energy to our Circle and fill our hearts with your light. We sing our praise to you in voice and instrument. Come to us."

Raise cone of power with instruments and voice.

After cone of power is raised, "Thank you Luna for your presence and grace. As the flute serenades your presence, each of us will journey within and connect in whatever way is right for us".
(5 minutes of flute/meditation ending with the Flute song Reverence).

After the meditation is complete, Cakes and Ale with Moon Pies and Toad Hollow Merlot.
Valerie performs Feri devocation. Open Circle and sing Happy Trails.

Jim wrote later: I have a confession of sorts regarding [the full moon ritual]. When conditions are ideal I find myself in a meditative trance while playing the flute, somewhat akin to a mellow high from herb. I reached one of these states while playing the flute that night, (and to a lesser extent when walking the labyrinth while playing the flute the next day. Thank you to Cynthia and all who built the labyrinth, for there is something truly spiritual to me when I play the flute in one). By the end of playing my flute to Luna I had tears streaming my cheeks. I honestly know not why the tears flowed, yet they were a release I sorely needed. I originally shared this only with Gina, yet felt compelled to disregard my ego and share this experience with all of you who helped create it. THANK YOU!

Thank you also to Beverly for the Tai Chi based sunrise ritual. Thank you to Ron for organizing the trip, Maura for reading the Story of the Moon, and Tracey for leading us with her drum.

Thank you to all...TOADS RULE!!!!