Making a Mojo

A Mojo is a visible symbol of desire. It is a spell, tangible Magick (spelled with a "k" to distinguish it from stage magic, or sleight-of-hand). A mojo is the not-too-distant relative of the four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, wedding ring, flag, and many other modern Magickal symbols. Usually constructed in the form of a charm-bag, a mojo is carried on the person or hung in the home, car, or workplace for good luck, protection, harmony, health, attracting love or money, and so on.

Mojos contain many different things--herbs, coins, magnets, stones, bones, beads, feathers, hair, shells-- depending on the purpose. Every part of a mojo has significance symbolically: colors, numbers of knots, shape, number and kinds of ingredients. The symbolic meanings have been part of esoteric knowledge for millennia, and are the basis of many systems of Magick, such as the Freudian and Jungian. All the parts work together to affect the unconscious mind and get it moving in order to achieve the desired result-- somewhat like waving a red flag in front of a bull, or burning an American flag in front of a US senator. Because, let's face it, the unconscious, powerful though it is, is not too cooperative in achieving conscious desires.

Making and using a mojo is a way of making our deepest wishes solid and tangible, of working things out on the physical level and then taking them back into ourselves. It's all done with symbols, because the unconscious understands symbols. You might say that Mojo Magick is the mirror-image of dreaming, in that dreams are messages from the unconscious to the conscious mind, and Mojo Magick is sending messages back.

Mojo Magick is based on the principles of Similarity (things which seem alike are alike) and Contagion (things once in contact continue to interact after separation).

The Law of Similarity is the basis of the system of Magickal Correspondences; each area of life is ruled by a particular planet, day of the week, etc., and each of these planets rules a number of substances, plants, animals, etc. For example, the area of sex and love is traditionally ruled by the planet Venus, whose day is Friday, whose color is blue-green, whose metal is copper, and whose herbs are (among many others) rose, orris, and sandalwood. If you wished to make a love charm, then, you would pick out herbs sacred to the Goddess in her Venusian aspects, with perhaps a magnet (for attraction), or a copper penny, and place them in a small bag of blue-green cloth.

Along with these ingredients, you would also put in some object belonging to the one you desired--a lock of hair, a fragment of an old shirt, or the like. This obeys the Law of Contagion--you are providing an object link, a physical connection with your subject. A photograph is an excellent object link, especially if the subject's name is written on the back.

Other sorts of spells can be concocted in the same manner by referring to the Tables of Correspondence and deciding what sort of energy you wish to deal with. Each part of the mojo is symbolic, including the number of ingredients and the number of knots used to bind it--use the number which symbolizes your purpose.

It is most important to be clear in your mind what your purpose actually is, and to do only one kind of working at a time. Since the mojo functions on both the magickal and psychological levels as a centering device, you don't want to confuse yourself before you begin. And Magick generally works, so be prepared to get exactly what you ask for, and ask carefully.

When you have constructed the mojo (preferably on the day appropriate to your purpose, on a waxing moon for growth and increase and on a waning moon for decrease and getting rid of things you don't want in your life), charge it with your personal power by breathing on it and saying something like:

"I charge this spell
By three times three
To do harm to none
Nor return to me
As I do will SO MOTE IT BE!"

Upon uttering the last words, project the power of your desire into the mojo. Visualize, as strongly as you can, your purpose accomplished and yourself in the situation you want. Let this energy go into the mojo; and relax. Carry it with you, or present it to the one it is meant for.

Then keep your eyes open for opportunities to make your wish come true. They will appear--you have only to see them.

Blessed Be!