Assume a comfortable position, either seated or lying down. Breathe deeply from the solar plexus, and tell yourself, "my toes are relaxing and my fingers are relaxing. My ankles are relaxing and my wrists are relaxing. Completely relaxed, flowing like water."

Continue this process over your entire body, feeling the relaxation creep up over you. When you are completely relaxed, go on to the next step, the Spiral Staircase.

Envision a spiral staircase which you are to descend, spiraling down, deeper and deeper, past the number One. In your mind's eye, SEE that number one. Spiral down, deeper and deeper, past the number Two. And so on, all the way down to number Ten and the bottom of the staircase. You are now in trance, conscious of both the outside world and the inner one, but detaching your attention from the outside world and paying attention to the inner.

When you reach the bottom of the spiral staircase, envision a door. Go to this door, open it, and walk through, shutting it behind you. You are now in your Safe Space.

The Safe Space is that place in your mind where you start your explorations; it is a terminal from which to voyage out in many different directions, a library for you to look up information carried in your subconscious mind, an inner temple for you to perform your own private rituals, a storehouse, a laboratory, a control room, a place which cannot be invaded, where nothing bad can happen to you, where you do your most important work, which is yours alone. You may wish to spend a lot of time in this place, furnishing and exploring; perhaps reenacting dreams or scenes from your life (the more threatening ones can be run on a TV monitor and changed to the way you want them), or any of the myriad private things you do alone. But in pathworking you make doors in this room which lead to many different realities.

To begin your explorations, make a door in the wall to the East, in the form of a pentacle of blue flame which is big enough to step through. Step through it. Greet the East, and set out to explore the element of Air, the element of the Mind. Stay as long as you like, and when you meet entities out there, ask their names. Bring something back with you to place on the altar in your Safe Space. When you come back, thank the East, step through the pentacle of blue flame and cause it to vanish. Then thank your Safe Space for being there and bid it farewell, knowing that you may return any time you wish, and that the gift you got from the East is there waiting for you.

Return up the spiral staircase, becoming more awake and more aware with each step, spiraling upward past the numbers from Ten to One. When you reach One, open your eyes, feeling perfectly refreshed and renewed and ready to share the experiences of your pathworking with the others present, if any. If you are planning to do many pathworkings, especially alone, it might be useful to make a taped trance-induction, with the addition of some soothing music. This is especially useful if the issue of control is a big one for you--it is better to go into trance under the sound of your own voice than another's.

Do a pathworking on each of the four directions in turn, East, South, West, and North. Then you will be familiar enough with the Powers of each direction that you will know to whom you are talking when you invoke the Guardians; in addition, as you bring back gifts from each trip to your Safe Space, you will simultaneously be constructing your inner temple.

The pathworking on the Center will put you in tune with the forces of Transformation, and should be followed by pathworkings on the Goddess and the God. It is quite feasible to do one pathworking for each, but I find it more effective to divide the Goddess into Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects, and the God into the Light God of the Sun and the Dark God of the Midnight Sun.

After these ten pathworkings have been completed, you may wish to seek your own personal totem animals and/or spirit guides, to find your witchname, to solve particular problems that have been bothering you, to interpret dreams, or just to explore the worlds in search of enlightenment and inspirations. You can go anywhere in time and space, from Elfland and Tir-nan-og to the depths of your own fears. Just remember to come back up the staircase as slowly and gradually as you went down.

Bon voyage, and Blessed be!