Scrying and Divination


Scrying (crystal-gazing) is best done at the dark of the moon, and a crystal ball or magick mirror is definitely a tool of Crone-wisdom. If you wish to make a magick mirror, you will need: a curved (lens-shaped) piece of glass, black paint, and a box to set the mirror in. Simply paint the convex side of the glass with two coats of black enamel paint and set it in the box. A piece of wood hollowed out to fit the mirror would be even better, as you will be able to glue the mirror to it.

To consecrate a crystal ball (show-stone) or magick mirror, you will need: salt, water, wormwood (for incense) Purify the stine or mirror with salt water, and charge in the smoke of burning wormwood, saying: "Blessed be thou, focus of power. may I see that within you which will lead me in the paths of the Lady and bring me to her Wisdom. As I do will, so mote it be."

This should be a solitary rite. Keep your show-stone or mirror on your altar, but cover it up when not in use with a silk cloth.


Dim the lights. Cast the circle. Have someone act as your recorder, to write down what you say. Don't let light fall directly on the stone or mirror, but have enough light in the room so that you can see something in it. Gaze intently at one point in the stone or mirror, but let your attention cover the whole area of the stone or mirror. You may see things happening to the side of your focus point. If so, try not to shift your vision, but keep your eyes glued to the focus point. DO NOT shift your attention. This takes time and patience. Try not to intepret while you are scrying. If something doesn't make sense, let it be. Describe the visions out loud, so the recorder can write them down; you will not remember most of them, since you have put yourself into a light trance. If you are alone, you can use a tape recorder. When the visions seem to haze over and the glass returns to its normal state, you may relax and turn the lighting up again.


There are many different kinds of Tarot decks available, from the rather chilly but elegant Aquarian deck to the feminist deck of round cards, Motherpeace. You will have to choose the deck you will work with regularly by a process of trial and error. Does this deck go with your personality and personal style? Do you feel comfortable with the pictures? Do you feel that this deck is easy for you to interpret? My personal favorite is one which Starhawk always referred to as "that hippie deck"; it's the Morgan's Tarot, originally published in Boulder Creek, CA, in 1970. It has no suits, no Major and Minor Arcana, no standard interpretations. It did come with a booklet, but I lost that a long time ago. I have used this deck for over twenty-five years, and am still discovering new things in it.

If you'd like to see a non-standard deck for divination which I created recently, check out the Vee-Deck--it might give you some ideas for a deck of your own. The Vee-Deck is filled with pictures of people in my life, some of whom can be recognized as Composters or Toads if you look carefully. There's a lot of Feri influence in the deck, as well as a fair amount of stuph from the Inner Journey seminars. Enjoy!

You can do divinations with a plain pack of playing cards, if you like; you will have no Major Arcana, but the suits are equivalent to the Tarot suits: Spades are Swords, Clubs and Wands, Hearts are Cups, and Diamonds are Pentacles. And there are plenty of messages in the Minor Arcana to make an ordinary deck of value. (Besides, when you get bored, you can play solitaire.) Consecrate your cards as you would your crystal, and keep them in a silk cloth. Don't let them touch the ground; always use the silk cloth under them. And don't let just anyone handle them. If you are doing a reading for someone, allow them to cut the cards, but that's it.


Shuffle the deck, cut it into three piles with the left hand, away from you, and replace the piles in a different order. You can either just pull individual cards at random from the deck in answer to individual questions, or do a layout. My favorite layout is the Celtic Cross:

1. (in the middle) This card represents the situation.

2. (laid crosswise over the first) This card represents what crosses you, for good or evil.

3. (above the first two) This card represents your conscious thoughts in the matter.

4. (below them) This card represents your unconscious thoughts in the matter.

5.(to their left) This card represents the past or the influences which are just now passing away.

6.(to their right) This card represents the future or the influences which are just now coming into being.

7. (further to the right, at the bottom) This card represents you.

8. (above the previous card) This card represents your environment.

9. (above the previous card) This card represents your hopes and fears in the matter.

10. (above the previous card) This card represents the final outcome, and exerts its influence over all the other cards.

Interpreting cards is much like interpreting the things you see when scrying--use your intuition. What does the picture on the card say to you? Are there any recurring visual elements from card to card which might show an overall theme? In which positions? If you are using a deck with standard interpretations, try not to be swayed by them. Go with what your gut tells you about this layout, even though it might not be according to the book. If you're reading for someone else, don't make interpretations until all the cards are laid out. Get all the data before coming to a conclusion. Try to elicit information from the person being read: this is not mere fortune-telling, it is an attempt to see what the gods have to say. It is perfectly legitimate to say "I don't know what this means. Does it say anything to you?"

The best way to learn the cards is to do readings for yourself, and do a lot of them. You develop personal associations with the cards--they become your friends.

Attention Mac users: I have put together a HyperCard stack which will give a random reading of ten cards in the Morgan deck, plus one extra for additional insight. If anyone would like a copy, please e-mail me at and I'll send it to you. You can use it with your own deck if you like--just scan in your own cards.


There are sets of runestones on sale which come with books of interpretation; or you can get a book on runelore, and make your own runes of wood or clay. Consecrate them as you would any other tool of divination, and keep them wrapped in a silk cloth.


The I Ching is an ancient Chinese book of divination which can be used with three coins: there are complete instructions in the book. The best translation is the Wilhelm-Baynes, published by Bollingen.