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These Hex Spells were partly created by and partly gathered from traditional hex materials by Jo Steen. It was Jo's dream to found the Hecate Homeland, a place where a shrine to the goddess Hecate could live, and where Witches could retire to the Hecate Home for Harried Hags to spend a pleasant old age rocking and cackling together on the front porch. Unfortunately, this dream didn't materialize for Jo. She died in Seattle, far from her fellow Composters. But while in San Francisco, Jo accomplished a lot.

In 1980 Jo commissioned sculptor Medea Maquis to make a shrine to the Triple Goddess Hecate, and that shrine is now resident in land belonging to the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, an organization of Witches in the Northwest. Pete Pathfinder of the ATC writes:
Have you looked lately at our web page and seen the college catalog from our Woolston-STEEN Theological Seminary, a Washington state Dept of Higher Education Coordinating Board Degree Authorization Agency-approved Wiccan seminary, granting academic degrees from Assoc. Min. thru D. Min.? It is named in honor of Jo and Patricia Woolston, another Canadian priestess and teacher now passed over. ... We presently have 28 students enrolled in their 3rd yr of a 4 yr bachelor program, another first for Wicca in the known universe, I fear.

Over many years, Jo taught Magickal techniques to her students: I remember going over to her house to make candles with Magickal intent, and how she would tell us that anything you do can be magickal -- it's all in the intent. She was particularly fond of the process of coloring hex spells with intent. For years she collected traditional Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs, and added to the resource with African symbols and medieval talismans. Once she had accumulated the designs, she had them printed out on sheets of paper with instructions for coloring them. She sold sets at street fairs and by mail, with the money going to benefit the Hecate Shrine Land Fund.

How to Use the Hex Spells:
Download and print out the spell you want. Using the correspondences on four or on seven (below), choose appropriate colors for your intention. Always work deosil (clockwise) for increase, and widdershins (counterclockwise) for decrease of whatever it is you wish. Be very concentrated on your intent the entire time you are coloring the spell--it's a meditative device, like the Asian yantra, but it's also interactive, engaging both body and mind. Stay within the lines as precisely as you possibly can -- neatness counts!

The spells for Insight/Inspiration/ Creativity and Rapid Progress need one other step: the insight, progress, etc., is toward some particular end, so you will have to download and print out the minihexen, each of which should fit right in the middle or the larger spell, so you are asking for rapid progress in the affairs of making things manifest (a good money spell) or rapid progress in matters of health, and so on.

When you're done you can hang them on your wall, laminate them into a plate, have them copied as a tee shirt or mouse pad, carried with you as a good-luck charm....or give them to someone to whom you wish well. You could also use the patterns for embroidery or cross-stitch (which takes a lot longer and needs a lot more intent, so the spell would be a lot stronger), to decorate a birthday cake, to knit a sweater, as a tattoo design -- whatever your heart desires and your hands are good at.

The Hecate Shrine

The Hecate Shrine

Jo Steen, 1930-1996
Jo Steen, 1930-1996

The Hex Spells:

[Quotes are from Jo's printed set of Hex Spells]

1.) Abundance:
this is for abundance in any area you might need, not merely the physical.
Abundance download pdf

2.) Growth:
this one can also be used with the minihexen for growth in particular areas. Be very sure to ALWAYS do this one deosil, from the center out in a growth spiral. Jo says: "Growth (in whatever you desire) The Double Growth Spiral. color in the spiral figure, working in a clockwise direction, and you will complete your GROWTH."
Growthdownload pdf

3.) Insight, Inspiration and Creativity:
one of Jo's favorites. Use it with the minihexen to gain insight into whatever area of your life needs it. Jo says: "The Rain that Refreshes the soul Insight-Inspiration-Creativity. A Green-working spell. The rain of INSPIRATION drops thru the Rainbow of PROMISE to water the EARTH-STAR. The Earth-Star, CENTERED with the Earth-Star-flower is always turning, alternating night/day, light/heavy, etc. Work in a clockwise direction for increase of insigvht, inspiration, and CREATIVITY."
Insight, Inspiration, and Creativitydownload pdf

4.) Joy:
pretty obvious...use nice bright full-spectrum colors for this one. Jo says: "This is the Earth-Star-flower arranged to bring Joy and Happiness. Clear Yellow radiating Light is the beginning. Add contrast and definition with the rich, deep tones of the earth in which you find joy."
Joydownload pdf

5.) Time of the Lilies:
to bring peace and calm among people. Jo says: "The Time of the Lilies. Trace & colour carefully in Purple for Nobility. This is a spell to bring the time of Righteousness & Peace and Love among all creatures living as Sisters & Brothers. Draw it often."
Time of the Liliesdownload pdf

6.) Lucky In Love:
give your romance a little jump-start.
Lucky in Lovedownload pdf

7.) Manifestation:
as above, so below--making that which is desired present in the world. Very powerful. Jo says: " Creation-manifestation and materialization. "as below, so above". Above/below, Within/without, encircled by the Lemniscate, the eternity binding all life; flanked by Earth-Star symbols, aking for joy in all good things of earth. This is a symbolic representation of the most basic principle of sympathetic magic."
Manifestationdownload pdf

8.) Rapid Progress:
remember, rapid progress with no particular aim is merely spinning your wheels. Jo says: " The Whirling Star-Rapid progress. Let any of the smaller symbols be placed in the centre of the Star for rapid, well-adviseed progress, manifesting change in the direction so displayed."
Rapid Progress download pdf

9.) Serenity:
inner and outer. Jo says: "The Great & 7 Lesser Seals of Serenity. Drawn in blue for the watchful, protective serenity of the completed creation. Colour this spell in seven parts, or seven stages or even seven days, perhaps: as you will, so mote it be. Study the meaning of the leaves."
Serenitydownload pdf

10.) Travel Safely:
an old talisman from the Middle Ages. Carry with you when traveling.
Safe Traveldownload pdf

11.) True Love:
to find the one you will stay with.
True Lovedownload pdf

12.) Undo Your Mistakes:
a particular favorite of Jo's.You can ALWAYS undo your mistakes. Jo says: "Have Faith! You can always undo your mistakes. 3 in one spell. 2 parts African. 1 part HEX. Will make your home secure, fill your heart with faith, and give you courage to try again."
Undo Your Mistakes download pdf

13.) Mini-Hex spells to use in the center of IIC or Rapid Progress:
download pdf


Correspondences on Seven

PLANET Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
DAY Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
RULES Ego, fame, extroversion, individuality, conscious mind, joy, success, advancement, leadership, natural power, friendship, growth, healing, light Emotions, psychic, intuition, subconscious mind; women, cycles, birth, generation,inspiration, poetry, travel (esp. by water), the sea and tides, fertility, rain, secrets, dreams, magick and glamor, deception Physical body, heat, actions, aggression, power, energy, athletics; strength, struggle, war, conflict, physical confrontations of love or hate, blasting curses, healing wounds Intellect, speed, messages, duality, youth, communications, intelligence, cleverness, creativity, science, memory, business transactions, thievery, learning Expansion, money, material possessions, Love, harmony, esthetics, friendship, comfort and luxury, material gain Constriction, order, rules, pessimism, death, cold, discipline, obstacles, limitations, binding, knowledge, buildings, history, time, long slow changes, old age, the wisdom of experience
COLOR Orange White Red Yellow Purple Blue-green Black
METAL Gold Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead
GEMSTONE Topaz Moonstone Bloodstone Fire opal Amethyst Emerald Obsidian