feri tradition:

Articles on the Feri Tradition, including The Feri FAQs, an ongoing compilation of answers to many commonly-asked questions about the Feri Tradition of Witchcraft, as well as other speculative articles on the Feri Faith written by Valerie Walker.

compost coven:

•  Like its namesake the compost pile, Compost Coven has been turned over many times, scattered to fertilize new growth elsewhere, and reassembled using all KINDS of oddly-assorted elements. Learn about our history here.
• The Compost Coven Disk of Shadows: A course in Wicca 101 which was used to train many fledgling Witches.
• Sigil Magick: Jo's Hex Spells : PDFs to print out and color, a mixture of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch designs, African motifs, and Jo Steen's original
•  Notes from Diane's Garden: Or The Curious Lore and Magical Property of Plants, By Diane Fenster, Herbalist and Artist.